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La reforma integral de una vivienda es la modificación de todas sus estancias y acabados.

To fully enjoy a personalised house, completely made to measure and renovated in terms of design, finishes and facilities, many owners must undertake a complete renovation of their home. This kind of projects, mainly due to their importance, aside from being a considerable investment, usually generates a series of questions: how is it carried out? What aspects must be taken into account? What are the steps to follow?

At Michele Mantovani Studio we have specialised in the restoration and renovation of spaces and we offer a complete and personalised service, from its creative concept to its execution. If you are thinking of reforming your home, in today’s article we will explain in detail what are the different phases of our complete renovation process.

House renovation. What is that about?

The complete renovation of a home consists of a radical change and modification of all its rooms and finishes. In order perform a renovation, it is crucial to perform a preliminary analysis of the entire house; the client’s needs and requirements are studied and the work of different professionals is coordinated: architects, designers, builders, and so on.

When facing a complete renovation project, at Michele Mantovani Studio we do not impose interior design models or decoration styles. Rather, we prefer studying in depth our client’s preferences and tastes in order to create a project according to their desire.

What are the phases of our renovation process?

Our team is made up of professionals who cover all the necessary fields for this kind of project: from the creative idea to its technical realization, through the administrative management. Therefore, we can take care of the different phases of the reform process:


We study the project and analyse our client’s demands and needs in order to offer the best solutions at a creative, technical and budget level.

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We carry out an in-depth study of the project, present an interior design proposal and offer a first selection of materials, finishes and furniture.


We take care of all the technical plans necessary for the correct execution of the work: electrical plans, lighting plans, roof plans, floors and walls.


We design a rehabilitation project suitable for obtaining the building license from the corresponding town hall. The authorisation of the project and the material is given by the College of Architects of Barcelona.


We present several budget options without obligation, with different finishes and solutions. We take care of the total contracting of work to ensure compliance with the agreed deadlines and costs. We advise and accompany our client through all the process until the final result, guaranteeing on all our work.

At Michele Mantovani Studio we specialise in the architecture and design of all types of spaces: homes, offices and commercial premises. Do you need to carry out a complete renovation in Barcelona? Get in contact with us. Whatever the size of your project, our team will take care of the entire process and offer the best possible service.