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El diseño de terrazas y la recuperación de espacios intermedios marcarán las tendencias de interiorismo de 2021.

Summer has just begun and we are ready to announce the most prominent design trends of 2021 hottest months. Whether you want to adapt your home to the summer climate or if you want to give your home the “summery touch”, in today’s article will discuss the most fashionable trends of interior design.

Interior design trends that are going to define this summer

These are the main trends of interior design in summer 2021:

  • Light-coloured woods

For many different seasons, wood has been one of the undisputed protagonists in interior design. The great versatility of this material allows it to be easily integrated into all kinds of interior design projects. This summer, furniture made of light-coloured woods such as ash, bamboo or white oak will be one of the main trends of this summer. These particular woods will create a clean and bright environment and will offer a summery warmth throughout the year.

  • Natural fibres

Natural fibres are one of the interior design trends that comes back every summer. Fibre rugs are perfect for the summer season, especially because they can match combine with a great number of styles. Jute blinds are one of the most common accessories during the warmer months, since they allow you to create a summery and cosy atmosphere in any room, quickly and easily.

  • Navy colours

Navy blue is the perfect colour to create an elegant and timeless summer environment. They can be used both on the walls and on different elements or home furnishings. Combine a navy-blue sofa on a light wall to turn your living room into a perfect room to relax during the summer with your family. Terracotta, peach and olive green are amongst the other tones that are trending this season.

  • Yellow details

This summer yellow accents bring joy and freshness to our homes. Let’s not forget that one of the Pantone colors of 2

021 is Illuminating Yellow. To make it easy to combine and not be too flashy, we recommend incorporating it into your home decoration in small elements such as cushions. If there’s a ubiquitous motif this summer, it’s certainly citrus. Lemons and oranges are the stars of home textiles and even tableware.

  • Indoor plants

For some time now, nature has returned to the interior of our homes, filling our houses with positive energy. Having a couple of plants in each room is one of the interior design trends of the moment. You can place them in your living room, bathroom or kitchen, plants will always bring a touch of natural joy to any corner of your home. They also help in cleaning the air inside your room and they fresh up the environment.


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