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a diferencia entre rehabilitación y reforma tiene que ver con motivos estéticos y estructurales.

When renovating a home, we are faced with many challenges and decisions to make. In addition, there are numerous terms and concepts that can be especially confusing if you are not familiar with architecture and interior design. One of the issues that brings up more doubts today is the difference between renovation and restoration. If you find it difficult to distinguish between the two terms, don’t worry, in today’s article we will carefully explain what each of them actually means.


What is the difference between renovation and restoration?

If you want to restore or renovate your home but you have doubts about the type of project that you should carry out, after reading this article you will perfectly know what is the difference between renovation and restoration.

What is restoration about?

We commonly talk about restoration when the building is in poor condition and it is usually preferable or mandatory to repair or replace damaged elements or facilities. It is a process that is not subject to aesthetic issues, but to specifically functional and structural reasons. Thus, any improvement in the insulation or the general facilities of the building are actions that are included within the concept of restoration. This term also affects elements that are outside the house itself, such as the building façade, roofs, common areas and stairs.

As a general rule, the buildings that are under restoration are those in which refurbishment works are being carried out at a structural level. For this reason, sometimes, instead of talking about restoration, we talk about restructuring. In this type of project, the modification of the structural elements must entail changes in at least 50% of the built surface.

a diferencia entre rehabilitación y reforma tiene que ver con motivos estéticos y estructurales.

If so, when do we talk about renovation?

Renovation can be defined as the modification or replacement of finishes, materials, portions or facilities that are in good condition or can be used without any danger. It is a work that has to do with purely aesthetic criteria and, therefore, is not linked to structural issues.

The renovation processes are carried out when the owners of a home in good condition want to renovate it based on their personal tastes and needs. For this reason, these types of projects always seek to adapt the spaces of the property to the wishes and requirements of their owners.

In conclusion, we can say that the main difference between renovation and restoration is that the renovation is based on aesthetic modifications while the restoration consists of structural repairs of elements that are in poor condition.

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