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El equipo de Michele Mantovani Studio ha diseñado la nueva colección de muebles de Kelvin Giormani.

Michele Mantovani Studio has designed the new Kelvin Giormani furniture collection. Discover the pieces of Italian design presented in this catalogue.

Our team designs the new Kelvin Giormani furniture collection

In addition to designing its new furniture collection, Michele Mantovani Studio is in charge of the art direction of the furniture firm Kelvin Giormani. For this reason, our team has also been in charge of the design of the catalogue and the booth where the firm presented the collection at the 47th CIFF Furniture Guangzhou Furniture Fair, the most important international furniture export fair in China.

‘Set of textures’: a celebration of Italian design and quality materials

Kelvin Giormani‘s new furniture collection was created to be a celebration of design forms and of the highest quality materials. As its name suggests, Set of textures is committed to the mixture of textures, the combination of materials and the search for a balance between opposites.

The pieces in this collection offer multiple customization possibilities. Thanks to its high level of customization, our furniture design adapts completely to your lifestyle.

1) The Amanda line: an elegant composition of armchair and sofa

La colección de muebles Amanda revaloriza las líneas del diseño de mobiliario contemporáneo y juega con la combinación de acabados y superficies redondeadas.

The Amanda line revisits ​​the lines of contemporary furniture design and playfully works with the combination of finishes and rounded surfaces. The fine curves of the backrest and the arms of the sofa subtly gather the body of the seat, turning this elegant sofa into an exclusive piece of contemporary design. For its part, the Amanda armchair can be combined with the sofa or act as a contrasting element that stands out in the living room.

2) The Lucy and Lucy-h armchairs: pure Italian design

La colección de muebles Lucy es un homenaje al diseño italiano de los años 60 y 70.

These armchairs are a tribute to Italian design from the 60s and 70s. Lucy is an iconic piece that incorporates modern details, such as the tubular foot that collects the seat and the meticulous cut and sew pattern. Its tall version, Lucy-h, lengthens the backrest to offer more support for your back and comfort. Both seats are available in a wide variety of finishes, which makes them very versatile pieces that adapt to the taste and needs of the user.

3) Ola: a reinterpretation of the chaise longue

La colección de muebles Ola es una reinterpretación de la clásica chaise longue y una auténtica oda al diseño orgánico y la vida placentera.

The curves of this sofa are inspired by the designs of the immense Antoni Gaudí. Ola is a reinterpretation of the classic chaise longue and a true ode to organic design and pleasant living. This comfortable and unique piece is defined by the great downward curve of the main body. The combination of leather and fabrics and the interplay between cushions and backrests give Ola a comfortable and voluptuous character.

4) The Cube sofa: design, comfort and excellence

La estructura interna del la colección de muebles Cube se ha realizado para proporcionar un gran nivel de confort.

True mastery is expressed in simple line pieces, seeking excellence in each element and selecting perfect materials for each design. Cube embodies each of these factors. The internal structure of this sofa has been made to provide a high level of comfort. The pleats and stitching of the fabric and leather upholstery are an essential part of the Cube design. The geometric elements in wood upholstered in leather provide an architectural contrast to the whole.

5) Dolce vita: more than a sofa

La colección de muebles Dolce Vita combina pieles y tejidos de origen 100% italiano para ofrecer calidez, comodidad y elegancia.

According to the popular Italian saying, life without beauty loses its meaning. That is why the Dolce Vita sofa is much more than a sofa. It is a declaration of true Italian design, with high quality standards and a great taste for form, technique and functionality. Dolce Vita combines leathers and fabrics of 100% Italian origin to offer warmth, comfort and elegance.

Coffee tables: an essential complement for a living environment

Without a doubt, the great novelty of this catalogue is the new collection of auxiliary furniture. The new pouffs and coffee tables complement Kelvin Giormani’s living environment and are essential to define its overall interior design proposal.

It is a set of pieces with a sophisticated design that combine marbles and crystals with the most characteristic finishes of the firm. This allows coordinating the design of the auxiliary furniture with the finishes of the sofa, armchairs and other elements of the environment.

Discover our Italian design furniture

At Michele Mantovani Studio we have extensive experience in the design of furniture and furniture collections for high-end manufacturers. Our exclusive furniture is characterized by its simple and forceful lines. We like to reinterpret tradition to turn our Italian design furniture into authentic avant-garde pieces.