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La funcionalidad en el diseño de interiores es una de las principales tendencias de interiorismo de 2021.

The coronavirus crisis has radically changed the way we live and conceive of our home. Both confinement and the “new normal” have put our home spaces at the centre of our lives. This paradigm shift has been reflected in the world of architecture and interior design, directly influencing the interior design trends expected for this new year.

What will be the main interior design trends of 2021?

In a year marked by the pandemic, interior design has become a fundamental strategy to facilitate our daily lives and also help with our inner peace. These are the main interior design trends that were consolidated during the past year and that will undoubtedly mark this 2021.

1. The triumph of modular furniture and neutral colours

Functionality has gained ground as a criterion when choosing furniture and colours for a space. And is that by spending more hours at home, many families have realized that their homes were not as functional as they thought.

Modular furniture allows spaces to be adapted as the needs of the people who inhabit them change. For its part, the neutral colours facilitate the periodic personalization of the home. The star colour for this new year will be pearl grey (RAL 7035), combined with other neutral colours such as off-white and ivory (RAL 1013, 1015).

2. Spaces are adapted to teleworking

Teleworking is here to stay. The fact of having to set up the home office consequently determines the choice of furniture and encourages the use of smart devices. In addition, due to the increase in video calls and online meetings, lighting and acoustics have become fundamental factors in conceiving or redesigning the workplace.


Among the interior design trends expected for 2021 are the use of modular furniture and neutral colours.

3. The emotional factor takes centre stage

When we spend a lot of time indoors, architecture and interior design should offer us balanced spaces that provide us with harmony and stability. That is why the interior design trends of 2021 will take into account the emotional factor when designing spaces.

4. Revaluation of the outdoors

Having an outdoor space at home has become one of the priorities when looking for or renovating a home. Consequently, in 2021 the intermediate spaces will be recovered and the design of terraces, patios and gardens will become more important.

The design of terraces and the recovery of intermediate spaces will mark the interior design trends of 2021.

5. Interest in sustainable architecture and interior design is growing

More and more people are adopting an environmentally conscious lifestyle and want their home to share this philosophy. This year will be the year of sustainable architecture and interior design. This trend will not only affect building materials and energy efficiency, but it will also have an impact on furniture design. Wood and vegetable fibres will become more and more important, as well as the recycling and reuse of materials.

Do you want to be inspired by these interior design trends to adapt your home to your new circumstances? If you need to carry out a complete renovation or restoration of any space in your home, at Michele Mantovani Studio we will take care of the entire process. Contact us and tell us about your project. Our team of architects and interior designers will reach out to you and help you adapt your home to your tastes and needs.