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Why does MICHELE MANTOVANI use cookies?

We use cookies to recover information and, in this way, facilitate users’ navigation, avoiding the request of personal data that has already been previously provided. Likewise, we use cookies to analyse users’ behaviour when surfing on the web, as they turn out to be an efficient tool to value the functioning of the website and to introduce improvements on it.

In what way MICHELE MANTOVANI uses cookies?

MICHELE MANTOVANI uses cookies to obtain information it considers of great utility. The type of cookie the web uses and the information obtained by each one of the cookies is detailed in the following chart:



Analytical Cookies: These cookies are used to analyse users’ behaviour in an aggregate and anonymous way, including numbers of web visitors and different sheets of products, the source of visits, date and time, platform, number of clicks per sheet, research words used by the user to find the desired content.  In this way, MICHELE MANTOVANI is served by a mean of great utility to introduce improvements in the website, and knows which content and design is the most relevant to the user.

Functional Cookies: These are cookies which help users to have a better experience when navigating through the web. An example of this are the cookies used to store personal data from the last search of a product that uses auto-filing searcher, country, city of preference, and the last products enquired by the user.

Advertising Cookies: We use these cookies with the aim to show ads on other websites to offer publicity that better suit users’ interests. In this case, we have both cookies of our own and cookies stored by third parties.

Technical Cookies: Technical cookies are necessary to correctly show the website and guarantee the site’s right functioning. These cookies are related with the user session and log in.


How can I get further information about cookies, its management and elimination?

You can obtain more information about cookies and enquiry about the steps to prevent their installation in the ‘Help’ Section of each navigator’s website, for example, Microsoft Internet, Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Be aware that if you refrain from the installation of cookies is more likely you may have problems to access and navigate in the site, as well as hiring our services.

If you need more information about cookies’ way of work, as well as the way to delete them, you can go to the following links: and

Moreover, if you wish not to be tracked by Google Analytics through our website, go to the follow link: