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Eco-sustainable house
Under Construction
Maresme, Barcelona, Spain


The 21st century is facing a cultural and lifestyle change that is being forced by the depletion of resources and the degradation of habitats. Architecture has to respond to and be a solution to this reality and be careful to reverse, as far as possible, its impact.

The house-studio is located in an area of the Maresme with a strong urban impact but at the same time very connected to the Serralada de Marina natural park and the coast. It is also adjacent to an area for the recovery of plant and amphibian species.

The construction aims to emerge in order to blend in with the environment and consume as little energy as possible, as well as generating its own resources.
To this end, grey water recovery systems, rainwater tanks, solar panels and accumulators and construction systems that recover the principles of the traditional architecture of the area are proposed.

The terraces are converted into vegetable gardens that will provide food for the inhabitants of the house and the animals in the area, creating with the garden a fulfilment of the natural environment that surrounds it.