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Store al duca d’aosta PADOVA

Interior Design & Visual Concept
Padova, Italy

photo Al Duca d’Aosta


The client’s order seeks the reform of a store located in the most exclusive commercial area of ​​the city to expand the two current stores in the same area and dedicate the new store to the fashion of young men’s luxury brands. The interior design study is based on an intervention of structural cleaning and the use of few elements, of minimalist aspect and that plays with the light.

A clean space is designed, with stone colors and a very sophisticated industrial look. Special emphasis is placed on the design of the exhibitor-containers: prisms with cement-finished storage, glass urns without profiles and built-in lighting that highlights the architectural concept of the interior design project.

On the walls it is played with a lacquered metal mesh structure and illuminated at the back creating a space multiplication effect. These structures, in addition to giving volume to the set and supporting the hangers, make the store’s high-end product display stand out.